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Cafe Rica Accepts 2023 Good for Governance Award

On Thursday, a significant moment unfolded for Café Rica as our co-founders, Jackson, Tristan, and Chad, proudly accepted the "Good For Governance" award on behalf of our beloved café. This honor comes as a testament to our unwavering dedication to using business as a force for good. The award, based on an assessment taken by businesses in Michigan for 2023, evaluates the impact that businesses have on their communities and the environment, as well as their practices as employers. Café Rica not only met but excelled in these crucial areas. Community Impact We understand that a business's influence extends far beyond its walls. Café Rica has always believed in giving back to the community that has embraced us so warmly....

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Color The Creek Collab 2022

Ever since we opened up our first retail location at BC Cargo Marketplace in Downtown Battle Creek we have always wanted to build a community that would be able to thrive and grow together. In 2018 Justin Andert approached us to be the coffee spot for all of the Color The Creek Artist that were coming to Battle Creek to paint large and beautiful murals all over town. That was the beginning of a relationship that would blossom into many collaborations to come. Color the Creek has always ended with a block party to cap off a week of hard work and beautiful art. In 2021, due to social distancing, the block party was spread out through-out Michigan Ave as...

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Our Newest Coffee, Hacienda!

Hey everyone!  It certainly has been a while since we have spoken but here we are!  I wanted to talk to y'all today about our newest coffee, Hacienda.   For many years we have been selling and brewing one of our favorite coffees, Cafe Naranjo Traditional.  We love this coffee, it is great but we were beginning to find it harder and harder to import this wonderful coffee to Michigan.  Not only was Naranjo getting harder and harder to get to the states, we also wanted to bolster our own Cafe Rica coffee offerings.  After searching for several months we finally found a coffee from a plantation in southern Costa Rica that we loved.  We had our roaster spin up a couple...

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Uncover The Hidden Gems of Battle Creek

Battle Creek has been a place we have called home for over 25 years. Both of us were born in Ohio but moved to Battle Creek at a young age when out father, George, was transferred to The Federal Center right in downtown. Much like many small towns in the midwest, Battle Creek has felt a huge impact economically since the 80s and even more recently the housing crisis in 2008. However, Battle Creek has always had amazing people and businesses that make it an amazing city. These people are the bloodline of Battle Creek and have always taken it upon themselves to do amazing work here in their Hometown. We have wanted to uplift Battle Creek through the content...

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