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Uncover The Hidden Gems of Battle Creek

Battle Creek has been a place we have called home for over 25 years. Both of us were born in Ohio but moved to Battle Creek at a young age when out father, George, was transferred to The Federal Center right in downtown. Much like many small towns in the midwest, Battle Creek has felt a huge impact economically since the 80s and even more recently the housing crisis in 2008. However, Battle Creek has always had amazing people and businesses that make it an amazing city. These people are the bloodline of Battle Creek and have always taken it upon themselves to do amazing work here in their Hometown.

We have wanted to uplift Battle Creek through the content we post. We see too many time negativity around Battle Creek when we know there is so much greatness here. This Project is a Passion Project of Breaking Bred & Cafe Rica that was created with the collaboration of another great Battle Creek Business looking to uplift the area, Free City Magazine. The first episode of Hidden Gems is about James McGee, who goes by the stage name of The Allah, where he tells us about his drive and why behind the work he does in Battle Creek and how he wants to leave a legacy here for others to build off of.