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Our Newest Coffee, Hacienda!

Hey everyone! 

It certainly has been a while since we have spoken but here we are!  I wanted to talk to y'all today about our newest coffee, Hacienda.  

For many years we have been selling and brewing one of our favorite coffees, Cafe Naranjo Traditional.  We love this coffee, it is great but we were beginning to find it harder and harder to import this wonderful coffee to Michigan.  Not only was Naranjo getting harder and harder to get to the states, we also wanted to bolster our own Cafe Rica coffee offerings.  After searching for several months we finally found a coffee from a plantation in southern Costa Rica that we loved.  We had our roaster spin up a couple of test batches at different roasting times and we got to tasting! We finally settled on some roasting metrics and boom! Hacienda was born. 

Hacienda is a single origin Medium Roast Costa Rican coffee.  It has flavor notes of Orange, floral, and caramel.  It is a smooth, bold, coffee that is perfect for your morning breakfast! 

We are getting our newest shipment tomorrow and we will have freshly roasted Hacienda in shop and available online!