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Welcome to Café Rica

Battle Creek's Premiere Coffee Company

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Downtown Battle Creek

80 W Michigan Ave, Suite B
Battle Creek, Michigan

Mon - Fri, 6:30am - 6pm
Sat-Sun, 9am - 4pm

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Who is Café Rica?

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Café Rica + Sustainability

We take conscious efforts to protect the environment by using GREEN Packaging; from our 100% compostable single-serve packages to our 100% compostable and Recycled mailing packages; whenever possible. We also are using Plant-Based Cup in our Coffee Shop and Paper Straws.  Not only are we taking steps to better the Earth with our packaging but we also have vowed to donate 5% of our profits to The Rainforest Alliance.

Join us in improving the quality of your coffee as well as your quality of living!

Blog posts

PODCAST: We Are Having An Art Show!

PODCAST: We Are Having An Art Show!

On this episode, we talk with a local artist, Cory Patterson. Cory is the mastermind behind "Out Of The Woodwork". The art show we are hosting at our shop on May 24th. We talk about how he found a passion for photography. He also has lived around the world creating art and a bond with many people. He moved back to the area last year and is looking to boost the art culture in Battle Creek. 

NEW Summer Menu!

NEW Summer Menu!

Summertime is approaching and on top of the great weather and good times it provides us (Jackson and Tristan) an opportunity to show their creativi...
We Are Going To Coffee Fest!

We Are Going To Coffee Fest!

Hey, everybody, this is Jackson coming at you today with a new post to share some pretty cool news with everyone!   I wanted to put some pen to pap...

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