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Cafe Rica: 2023 will be out best year yet!

This year our goal is to improve the cafe in every way we can think of. We want to make it even more inviting to everyone as a place where you can be yourself and feel safe.
We want to raise the quality of life for our employees; without them we could not do what we love every day. It has been a goal of ours from DAY ONE to provide a living wage for our employees and in the last quarter of 2022 we officially guaranteed all of our employees will make at least $15 per hour.
We want raise the bar on the quality of our food and beverage options for our guests. We want to do this because you choose to spend your hard earned dollars here with us and we want you to get the best experience that you can get. We have built our cafe on the premise of offering the BEST coffee in Battle Creek and we will not stop improving our quality.
We want to elevate the experience that you have when you walk in the doors. Whether it is being more knowledgeable about the coffees we offer or simply being even friendlier than we already are! We want our cafe to be a place that people enjoy and we will continue working on making that happen! We take all feedback seriously and we are tirelessly working on improving! This last year we tackled an issue that we had been working to solve for over a year and the effect has been incredible!
We want to create and execute even more events this year (more to follow on what and when). Every year Battle Creek cries out for more events to attend and we want to do our best to provide those for residents and visitors alike!
In closing, we simply want to make our cafe the best that it can be. And with your help we will get it there!
Thank you everyone and lets have a great damn year!