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Café Rica 2019 Gift Box

Café Rica 2019 Gift Box

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Here is the official 2019 Café Rica Holiday Gift Box!

Comes with:

2, 4oz Bags of A Little Quiet Company Coffee, Ethiopian, and Burundi

1, 20.9oz Cafe Rica Mug, That also comes with in shop Perks.

1, Succulent from Plumeria Botanical Boutique of Battle Creek.

You will be able to enjoy the unique flavors of A Little Quiet Company. The Ethiopian is a Yirgacheffe that is processed washed. It has a nice cherry forward and makes a clean pour-over. 

Burundi is from the Matonga, Kayanza region and is a washed process. It has a very stone fruit-forward taste and has a slight wine taste to it.


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