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Café Rica 2020 Variety Gift Box

Café Rica 2020 Variety Gift Box

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Here is the official 2020 Café Rica Holiday Variety Gift Box!

Comes with:

4, Café Naranjo Bags of Coffee, Gold, Bandola, Special Reserve, and Sun Blessed.

These are the Flagships of Cafe Rica. You have an everyday coffee in the Gold. It has a rich, smooth, chocolaty finish. Just the perfect coffee for those early mornings. 

We then have the Medium-Dark Bandola. This is the coffee we use for our espresso. That is because it has a little bit of a darker quality that has a nice Citrus & Apple note to it. Slightly more acidic than the gold. Makes a great espresso.

If you're looking for amazing pour-overs than the Special Reserve and the Sun Blessed are the ones you're looking for. They are yin and yang. The special reserve is a darker, richer version of the Gold. Gives off a slightly more smokey, earthy flavor. The Sun Blessed is a light, fruity and floral coffee. They both are staples on our pour-over list that many people love having on a daily bases.

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