Café Naranjo in the USA

Café Naranjo

Café Naranjo

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Café Naranjo Coffee

Café Naranjo coffee is recognized as one of the most competitive coffee brands in the local market for its authentic quality. It has a distinctive flavor and chocolaty with citrus notes that give an exquisite flavor, perfect balance between body, aroma and acidity. The flavor and aromatic blend of natural fragrances of this arabica coffee species, gather the unique characteristics of fertile land and weather conditions of the Western Zone of Costa Rica´s Central Valley.

There are four levels of Café Naranjo:

  • "Gold" - the rich and smooth coffee that is the baseline
  • "Bandola" - the first level gourmet with a slightly more acidic flavor with overlays of apple and orange
  • "Sun Blessed" - the second level gourmet: select beans that are sun dried by hand
  • "Special Reserve" - the fourth level of gourmet: annually selected for a special flavor