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Café Naranjo

Café Naranjo

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Café Rica is a Michigan based company with deep ties to the Central American country of Costa Rica. Our goal is to share the delicious flavor of Café Naranjo by being the premier retailer in the United States. It is our opinion that Café Naranjo is the smoothest and richest coffee from Costa Rica and perhaps even the world. Our hope is that we can bring a little bit of Costa Rica into your life with every sip of coffee you drink.

NARANJO COFFEE is a produced in one of the coffee growing areas of Costa Rica known as West Valley, which brings unique flavor cup features. This flavor is distinguished by especially citrus fruity notes, chocolaty and sweet. NARANJO COFFEE is a recognized brand in domestic and international markets, packaged in polypropylene packages of 250 grams (8.8 ounces) that ensures the product a shelf life up to nine months without losing any of its freshness for quality. Those who taste NARANJO COFFEE can be certain that it is extracted and selected from special lots by certified tasters who assure the consistency of an exquisite beverage.

We at Cafe Rica wish to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a fresh brewed cup of Cafe Naranjo coffee, which is widely considered the best coffee Costa Rica has to offer.